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Newsletter, September 2004 Spiritual Maturity

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Newsletter, September 2004

Newsletter, September 2004

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - September 2004

Spiritual Maturity


Whatever is still within the emotional field and the mental field is coming up to be cleared.  There are very special people in life who highlight these attachments.  They are  skilled messengers bringing up whatever leftovers haven’t fully dissolved.

I am being taught over and over to listen within.  When I am taken off course because I have looked for direction from others or have reacted to other’s opinions, I am still attached to an old emotion or belief system.  I appreciate suggestions, yet each suggestion now becomes part of my inner conversation; it is not taken as my answer.  My divine direction comes from a soul-deep conversation.  Remembering to  discover that direction consistently feels like spiritual maturity.

Each newsletter I am highlighting one of the Trans-Lumens.  This is the transformational art and reflections that Lahrinda Eileen and I manifested.  This art makes up the cards in the deck, Luminaries.  


is the Luminary that came forward today.  This is the format found in the booklet that accompanies the cards.  The first two sections are my reflection.  The third section is the vibration of Crown speaking directly as “I.”  The last sections are suggested ways you might use this information.  Crown challenges each one to step up to the plate to be empowered divine essence here and now.  I find this exciting and, at the same time, find myself squirming at bit.  What is your response?

 Crown (A vibration of the numbers 10 and 20)


Something to Consider
The preparation is complete. Will you boldly accept the crown?  Not as one who stands above, but as one who shares in the Co-created Plan and accepts responsibility for your unique role.

A Reflection on Crown
It is time!
The preparation is complete!
Will you boldly accept the crown?  Its halo signifies your inner awakening.  Its brilliance declares the Oneness of All.  Arise!  Accept the Divine Intention to create in and through a world come of age.

A Message from Crown
Jewel of the universe bursting forth from infinity of light, I bring vision and wisdom for the journey home.  Shared human seasons with fragile beginnings now yield to empowerment for the harvest.  Wear my essence as a crown of glory, igniting the new way in cooperation with the All.

Questions You Might Ask
What does it mean for me to accept the crown?


Applying Crown to Your Life
In a third dimensional world, wearing a crown can be seen as standing above others.  In the New World, crown means taking your unique place, using your unique talents, responding to your individual abilities to serve the whole.  Are you fully aware of how this applies to you?  If not, ask to be made aware of its meaning.  Soak in what comes.  Surrender your reluctance to a greater good.

Arlene Arnold

If you would like help  experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together. 
Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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