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Newsletter, August 2004, "From Discernement to Empowerment"

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Newsletter, August 2004, From Discernment to Empowerment

Newsletter, August 2004, From Discernment to Empowerment

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - August 2004

From Discernment to Empowerment

Fear leads to being a victim. Discernment leads to trust which leads to empowerment. Wherever there is lack of trust, discernment has been ignored which leads to fear.

I’ve been thinking about how it is that being a victim seems so natural. Even when “paying attention” has become a habit, there are unconscious ways that fear affects people. Our language often gives this away. “I want” is said many times a day. Yet, “want” means “don’t have,” which leads to “afraid I can’t get.” “I desire,” on the other hand, reaches deeper. It reaches deep within to that which connects to who I am. I may not yet fully express from there, but I am that. To celebrate what I am is empowering even when I am still bringing my amness into full swing in my life. Discernment allows me to know that no matter what shows up in me today, my experience does not do away with who I am.

As I thought more about discernment and empowerment, I wondered what colors they were. The following story will help identify these vibrations. The two Trans-Lumens I have chosen represent the synergy of the aspects of discernment and empowerment acting together, creating two powerful symbols.

Jan’s Story (not a real person, but certainly a representative person)
Jan is an open, forthright individual. How she shows up in life is who she is. There is an engaging innocence about her. Yet, she is discouraged. She has allowed others to use her and abuse her. As someone who trusted without reserve, Jan no longer feels safe. Bottom line, she doesn’t believe she can trust others or herself.

So how does Jan regain her self-trust? Instead of making decisions from her mind or her emotions she is learning to listen to her gut. This gut knowing is a gift to everyone so it is present even if it is not being used. She recognizes it by “goose flesh” that comes up when she or someone else has said something important. It appears as nudges from inside that let her know that something is right for her. It comes in the form of an “aha” when information suddenly makes sense. It comes when a book falls off her shelf in front of her. It comes when she journals for answers.

Discernment requires a shift in focus. Using the mind to figure out life can be distorted by Jan’s life experiences. What the mind believes and how it operates is familiar. Shifting that focus is a choice, a choice Jan must make if she wants to change her patterns.

So what does Jan choose to do instead? Every time she makes a decision, she asks, “Is this information coming form my head, my hear, my scared inner child, my gut knowing, or a combination of these? The head sifts through information it has accumulated that may be relevant. This is an important function. The heart can ask if this decision matches up with what Jan desires in her deepest self. The scared inner kid can let Jan know that she may experience inner resistance so she needs to be ready to comfort whatever part of her is afraid. Her gut feelings give her information that may not be available through logic or what appears to be true or what someone says.

All of this information is then processed by Jan’s self that is able to stand back and look at a bigger picture, the one observing. Discernment comes as this self sees that something is hidden or isn’t straightforward or appears one way, but is really something else. Much of this comes through sensing what is true, listening to inner nudges, and taking seriously questions that arise that my not seem logical. Pay attention to all of these signs is part of discernment. Jan watches to see what the eyes say and what the body language communicates. She recognizes what doesn’t add up or what feels “off.”

Each time Jan pays attention and acts accordingly, her “discernment muscles” grow stronger. Each time she discovers she was right her trust grows. This is empowering because she feels she is able to take care of herself on a deeper and deeper level. She learns to trust that she will know if something isn’t right. This allows her to relax and let her life flow from one experience to the next.

So the colors of discernment are yellow for a clear mind and violet or purple for gut feelings, which are complementary colors of the solar plexus and the third eye. Notice that in the new configuration of charka colors purple is predominant in the solar plexus and yellow has come forward in the third eye. The knowing is truly in the gut and clarity is truly in the head.

In addition, discernment comes through the heart, which traditionally is green and now shows up as red. Taking care of that scared inner kid can be pink. Allowing for the flow might be blue.

Notice these colors in the Trans-Lumens. The artist, Lahrinda Eileen, and I had given them different names, but what I am finding is that they have many meanings.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself: On a scale from 1-10 how often do I make decisions and act from my discernment? In what areas of my life do old fear patterns show up?

Here’s something you might try: Choose one pattern you would like to change. List ways to use your discernment to alter your usual choices. Keep a journal of how your discernment is helping you make excellent choices for your life.

If you would like to share this article with others, please give reference my web site.

Arlene Arnold

If you would like help experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  
Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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