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"Thank you, I Think!"

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Newsletter, July 2004

Newsletter, July 2004

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - July 2004

Thank You, I Think!

Who is showing up in your life at this time as a piece of sand in your seashell? (Remember that pearls were once a piece of sand). As you think of this person or these persons, imagine they have signs on their backs that indicate the qualities you are developing within yourself through your association with them. Write their names on paper or in your mind. Beside the person’s name put the quality you are bringing into yourself as you work through this relationship. Remember, these persons agreed to come forward at this time in your life to bring this gift to you. The more difficult the person and person’s behavior, the stronger is the soul that can hold such intense energy for you to deal with and react to in order to learn about yourself.

So, you are feeling angry with this person. “I don’t need this kind of aggravation,” you say. But, apparently you do, or this person would have moved on or the way you see this person would have changed. As much as we don’t want to own up to it, we do manifest into our lives exactly what we have thought, imagined, proclaimed, railed against, refused to let go of, insisted on changing, hated, admired, judged, appreciated, accepted, etc.

I find it most helpful to look at what I hold onto. If I hold onto anger, I’m not finished with whatever is the focus of my anger. I am not saying to bury anger or any other emotion. We have to feel it, acknowledge it, and even thank it before we can truly release it. I find the most difficult part is being honest with myself. Am I really willing to face that I am won’t let something go? I don’t want to appear that inflexible. I might be able to keep the truth from others and even from myself for a while, but if this person or circumstance in my life is really going to help me, he/she/it will have to up-the-ante as high as it takes for me to pay attention. When I finally declare, “Uncle,” then I may be ready to see the truth I have been hiding from.

What I’m talking about is preparation for the new world. We used to be able to hide longer. We used to be able to fool ourselves more adeptly. But, we said we were ready to move forward. We said we were ready to play our part as those headlights in the deep fog of change. Oops! Did we really mean it? Too late! Our intention was heard. What may be blocking our movement into new dimensions will come up. We will not be able to bury it. We will not be able to avoid it. Every person, every experience, even every thought will bring our inner and outer work to us.

Since our intentions have set the course, we would be better to step back, observe what is happening, see it as part of clearing the way for change, and then open our inner and outer eyes. Or perhaps we are so enmeshed in the drama that we can’t see what we set up. In that case, we may need to float up above our lives to get a God’s eye view or stand on a tall hill near the action. If you were watching your life from there as a play in progress, what would you see? What insight would you gain? What would you suggest to the character playing you? 

Now, make your life decisions from there. Are you ready to be done with this particular act that plays over and over again through different characters that come into your life? You can be. However, you have to be willing to see the part you play. You have to be willing to learn instead of being right. You have to let go of persons, circumstances, things, or whatever it is that keeps you stuck in place. That means you have to let go of what is familiar. You have to let go of doing things the same old way. Isn’t it amazing what we hang onto even when it doesn’t work for us?

The good news is that once you have made a firm decision to let go and you are willing to hold to that decision, your life changes rapidly. That sand in your shell quickly dissolves or suddenly you see it as a pearl. You even appreciate all the discomfort you went through to receive this pearl.

Does this seem Pollyanna? Hmmm. I have been told of that all my life. All I know is how my life has changed. I wouldn’t go back to how I used to do life for anything. Even when I experience difficult points in my life, even when I know I’m off track, I feel love, comfort, hope, compassion and patience for myself and others, and I know, without a doubt, that I will come back to center. At that moment I may express anger, disappointment, or whatever I feel, but I know I will work through it. I will never again allow myself to stay stuck for long. To me, that is empowerment. That is taking responsibility for life. Whatever I experience I have either manifested or allowed. That means I can change my mind and manifest something else. What a grand experience we are part of! 

Let’s get on with it together. Let’s help each other get honest and make choices that will empower us further. As the Trans-Lumen called Spheres of Intention symbolizes: let’s join as pods of intention doing what we agreed to do in this lifetime. Let’s draw to us all the energy, activity, and form needed for those intentions. And let’s have a good time while we’re at it!

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Arlene Arnold

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Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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