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"Can you Feel the Changes?"

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Newsletter, June 2004 "Can You Feel the Changes?"

Newsletter, June 2004 "Can You Feel the Changes?"

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - June 2004

Can you feel the changes?

Can you feel the changes? Emotions arise, seemingly from little cause. Old thought patterns resurface—ones we thought we had already set aside. Aches and pains seem to travel through the body. We are finishing what we came in with, from this lifetime or another.

Like tucked away memories, the emotional energy can no longer stay hidden. It must show itself. From your role as observer of our life, notice the emotion as something that once was familiar. Breathe love and blessing into it core. As it transforms, absorb this new balanced energy into your body. Breathe out what remains, as it is no longer needed.

When old thought patterns come up, say, “Thanks for sharing, but we no longer go down that path. Here’s a new way to see the same situation.” If you have some resistance to seeing a situation in a new way, imagine you are floating up above your life. See it from a “God’s eye view.” From there you are no longer attached to a limited scene; you can see how each person is acting out his/her part in your life drama. How might you change your choices in that drama to fit your new point of view?

When aches and pains come, take passing notice of them. Acknowledge that your body is changing. Speak to your body from your role as observer and caretaker. Explain to it that it must change in order to be part of the New World. We have operated as carbon-based vehicles. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. As our energy becomes finer, we vibrate at faster and faster rates. Our human vehicle must change to accommodate this faster vibration. The inner crystal heart is being activated, which in turn activates a crystal center in each cell. We reflect more light. Our cells can then speed up their vibration.

Meanwhile, we feel the tweaking of our body suit. With great compassion, we can give our attention to its needs. We may be nudged to drink more water, walk more, breathe more consciously, rest when we are tired, limit our commitments, do something fun, laugh more, express ourselves through the arts, or whatever our knowingness suggests. We are the caretakers of the body. The more we listen, feel, and compassionately take care of it, the more easily we will pass through its tweaking. Know that this is a passing phase. Instead of focusing on what medicine to take or how to stop the pain, focus on loving this body that is going through transformation. If your inner prompting is to seek help, whether medical or alternative, pay attention. Choose to act when your intuition knows something will help. When the mind wants to jump to conclusions, again say,” Thanks for sharing.” Then, let your inner knowing self inform you. Operating from fear increases the discomfort. Operating from your sensing ability brings a nurturing calm.

If a child comes to you in pain, how you respond affects that child. If you remain centered, assess the situation, and then act based on what you observe and sense, the child may be able to stay calmer. When you realize that your aches and pains are a passing phase, you can more easily stay calm. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone else tune into your body to see if there is anything you have missed in your assessment.
 In my last newsletter, I offered a breathing exercise using color to balance the chakras. Breathing color is a helpful way to assist the body through all it changes. Breathing a primary and complementary color through an energy center brings balance. Balance helps release emotions we have clung to, thought patterns we are done with, and allows the body to relax.

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Many blessings on your journey,

Arlene Arnold

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