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"Breathing Color for Health and Well-being"

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Newsletter, May 2004 Breathing Color

Newsletter, May 2004 Breathing Color

Transformational Tools Made Simple Newsletter - May 2004

Breathing Color for Health and Well-Being

Most of us are aware of how color affects us. We choose certain colors to wear or to surround ourselves with through wall colors, furniture, flowers, etc., yet there is less understanding of other ways to use color vibration.

Energy Centers in the body called Chakras require specific vibrations flowing through them in order to keep the body healthy. Since everything is actually vibrating energy, emotions, brought on by experiences and patterns of thinking or living, are also energy. When we resist energy, we become tighter. Resisting the emotions means that they can become compressed and stuck in our body, which is also energy. This stuck energy blocks the flow of vibrations needed by the body. This can cause organs in the body to atrophy or malfunction. As a society we have turned to drugs and removing organs in order to restore health. When the flow has been stifled for a very long time, this method may be a last resort; however, if we pay attention to the needs of our body we can address the flow of energy more easily.

Each Chakra in the body has traditionally been assigned a color. This is based on observations by those who “see” color in the auric field that is around the body and also through measuring the vibrations. For example, the heart has been assigned the color, green. During my training to become a Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator I studied color. I was intrigued by the use of complementary colors. These are the colors directly across from each other on a color wheel. When mixed together they become the color black.

When we see color, we are experiencing those vibrations that are being reflected to us. The other vibrations are being absorbed so that we don’t see them. “Mixed together as light the two colors of a complementary pair balance each other and produce white.” (See Healing with Color and Light by Theo Gimbel page 40.)

Human beings are very complex. Even though we need certain vibrations in specific areas of our body field, we also need the balance that comes with “seeing” the whole picture. Therefore, I have found it to be very healing to use color complements in healing exercises. For example, red is the complement of green. When the heart is misfiring or hurting, breathing in the complement red and breathing out the primary color of the heart, green, brings a balance to energy of the heart. This releases bound-up emotional energy. If there is hurt in the heart, understanding may come or a letting go may occur so the energy flows again.

Because there is something behind the resistance that has caused the energy to become stagnant, there is often an ‘aha’ that accompanies this exercise. The purpose of breathing the colors is to release the blockage, to become conscious of what is being hidden or held in resistance, bless it with a new flow of energy, and embrace it. This restores a healthy flow, allowing the organs in that part of the body to restore themselves.

Many physicians have seen that they can remove a diseased organ only to find that another part of the body becomes affected. This may be due to blocking emotional energy that was not addressed. It is very important to understand that the body is giving us a message when it is ill. Emotions are stuck because we don’t want to look at something in our lives or we don’t know what else to do except bury what we can’t deal with. The body won’t let us do that because it is so affected by the stuck energy. Therefore, as we use any technique to restore flow to the body energy field, we are also brought face to face with what we have buried.

In order to heal emotions we must change our perception, a change in how we view experiences or patterns of living. Breathing colors may bring what has been hidden into a new light. We may see what we have held onto for so long in a new way. This in itself can be healing. Breathing the colors is a technique to bring balance so that we feel safe enough to address what is blocking the energy. 

Since each of the colors has meaning, studying that meaning along with the breathing techniques can help us address the emotions we are resisting. For example, we say, “She is green with envy.” Here is a way to understand envy. Green is the color of the heart. If we have closed our heart from hurt, we feel lack; we don’t feel the soothing flow of the heart energy. This leads us to belief that others have something we don’t have. That is envy. When we act from a closed heart we are out of touch with our divine nature. This leads to unfortunate ways that we treat each other. By breathing the color red into the heart, blockages may begin to break up. By breathing out the green of the heart, we allow flow to be restored. Now it is possible to have both red and green flowing. This brings the balance, which is also healing.

Recently, I have noticed that the color being emphasized in each Chakra is the complement instead of the traditional color. I am finding there are many reasons for this timely switch in emphasis.

This breathing exercise may be experienced through my CD called Harmony through Color.

This exercise can be done anytime. I find it helpful as I awake in the morning and as I go to sleep at night.  This way I start the day balanced and end the day releasing anything that has left me stressed.

 As we raise our energy vibration, flowing chakras are essential. Take every opportunity to discover what you are holding onto, what you are resisting, and what you are avoiding. All of these stop the energy flow.

 ColorCards offers information about each of the chakra colors as well as other colors. As you discover energy blockages, you may wish to read about the colors of that chakra (both the traditional color and the complementary color). This will help you become more conscious of what perceptions are ready to change. Exercises suggested for each color may also free up your energy flow.

Feel free to contact me with questions you may have regarding the use of color.  If you would like to share this article with others, please give reference my web site .

Arlene Arnold

If you would like help experiencing empowerment consider telephone counseling with me.  We can accomplish a lot in a short time when we work together.  
Copyright Arlene Arnold 2006 (Feel free to send to others when information is included about where it came from.  Thank you)

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