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Emerging as the Christed Self

by  Arlene Arnold

After clearing many lessons, much leftover emotion, and lifetimes of drama, I found myself needing to go through a final ceremony of rebirth. It unfolded in the place of the healing pool that I have created in my safe place inside. The following meditation will take you through its essence. Whatever it is for you will be exactly right. Your experience will be different from mine and from others because it is yours. If any part of this does not fit, just let it be and move on to what you need to do. 

Move into a place of relaxation through following your breath in and out. Feel that breath cleanse every cell. Transport yourself to your healing pool. Take in all of the familiar scenery. Breathe it in. Feel the anticipation that is building around this experience that is about to take place. Invite all your guides and angels to join you. If it feels right to you, invite the divine selves and guides and angels of all those who are close to you to join you. 

This experience is as sacred as birth, marriage, baptism, or death. This is the ceremony of the acceptance of yourself in its Christedness. This is not something you have to understand in words. Just let it be what it is. Allow yourself to experience it. Now, move to the center of the healing pool. Feel the warmth of the water. Feel the colorful spray of the waterfall as the breeze blows it your way. Invite all individuated aspects of yourself to join you. These may be all ages from tiny baby to an aged one. These aspects may come as animals, insects, birds, or vegetation such as a tree. You may see an aspect of yourself as a dinosaur, a cave dweller, a king, a goddess. However you see these aspects, accept them as some part of yourself. 

Allow them to form a circle around you. As you speak, address yourself to the whole company--all aspects of yourself and all those who have joined you around the outside of the healing pool. Express your gratitude to them all. Let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to experience all of the drama of life--its pain, its isolation, its misunderstandings, and, yes, all its joys. They have all allowed you to experience the height and depth of life in order to know yourself more deeply and thus for the Source of Creation to more deeply know itself. What they have done has taken great courage and love. 

Many have come back again and again until the lessons have been finished. These aspects of yourself have carried the weight of all kinds of emotions in order for you to know them and experience them. These parts of you now need to know that you appreciate what they have done and that you know the pain they have experienced in the process. Express your gratitude to one and all. You may find there is also a need to ask for forgiveness of all who have been part of your life. You may be carrying regret or guilt for pain you feel you have caused them. You may be carrying anger for pain you feel they have caused you. 

Take time now to release this through asking for forgiveness and by forgiving. As the emotions surface, feel them and release them. Again be grateful for what all of this has taught you. When you are ready, hand a lighted candle to each aspect of yourself and to each one in this large company of participants and spectators. They all are participating in some way. You may find that the atmosphere around you is turning to dusk or night, which softly wraps around you all. These candles in this softer light signify a new beginning, the birth of that which has been part of you always. 

Go around to each aspect of yourself. Baptize each one with the unconditional love from the pool. Thank them and bless them. Thank and bless the entire company there. You may find that all these inner aspects begin to melt into the you in the center. It's as if their time of individuation is finished. Their tasks are complete. All that they have carried has been released. Allow yourself to experience this oneness. Allow yourself to expand to the height and depth of who you are. Move out into the universe in your expansiveness. Feel your connection to all that is. Feel how you are an aspect of that which is the Source of All. You are all that you are. 

Expand around the globe with this oneness. Circle the earth with the love you have expanded into. Feel this love co-mingle with the love of so many other beings who are also claiming their larger selves. As you move back into this earthly body, feel how you can still expand into your being while living in the flesh. Look at your life from this point of view. Does it change how you want to live? Does it change how you see others in your life? End this sacred time with your heart full of all you have learned and experienced. Know that nothing can ever take away this experience. From this point on, your life is about expansion, not retreat. Be at peace with yourself, all others and the universe as well. When you are ready, gently bring yourself back to the consciousness of this moment in time. Allow yourself some quiet time to integrate. 

Arlene Arnold

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