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Readers & Counselors 

Arlene Arnold, IRTArlene Arnold

Author of ColorCards and Luminaries (two divination decks), Arlene offers readings with the cards along with intuitive information that comes during the reading and counseling techniques she calls Inner Reality Therapy™.  This is a cooperative process.  As much as possible Arlene helps you gain the information yourself through visualization and simple ways to ask for information.  At times Arlene uses remote viewing (“seeing” from a distance).  This can be used to heal parts of the body or to see situations in the past.


 "Wow!  What a wonderful, insightful being.  She touches my heart and brings out the highest truth.  I feel truly blessed to have had an opportunity to work with Arlene, she lights my divine path.”

Dan Pierce

Arlene’s work empowers one to speak to the self about releasing our limitations, some that we’ve carried with us for lifetimes.”  Erica Newman


“The journey within is never completed, but Arlene’s Inner Reality Therapy, as well as her very-developed intuition can benefit anyone willing to listen and be guided by her.  I know – it’s happened to me.” Sally Abel


“Arlene Arnold gracefully uses her intutitve abilities to facilitate healing and growth in people of all ages.”  Karenmilia Owen



Milia has consulted with heads of nations, given counsel to Movie Stars, performed and consulted for Universal Studios, and is internationally known.


From the age of 9 Milia was demonstrating her gifts as a clairvoyant (seeing), Clairaudient (hearing), and Clairsentient (feeling).  Over the years she has come to understand these gifts more fully and uses them with great compassion in her readings/counseling sessions.


Milia’s experiences with Angels has helped her understand her gifts and given her special insight into the spiritual world.  She now uses those gifts in Psychic, Tarot, Crystal Ball, and Palm & Aura Readings.  As a Medium, she is also available to contact those who have passed on or assist you in Past Life Regression (healing what has happened in other lifetimes) and Soul Retrieval (reclaiming part of you that was given away or left in traumatic experiences).  Your Psychic Experiences do not need to scare you.  They are ways to understand yourself.  Milia can help.


“Milia is the most accurate reader I have experienced.  She respects each person she counsels with and knows that her gifts are ones to used wisely and compassionately.  That is why I have asked her to be available to those who come to”  Arlene Arnold 

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Arlene Arnold: ColorCard ReadingsArlene Arnold: ColorCard ReadingsColorCard Readings can pinpoint exactly what is happening for you right now. This isn't about names or specifics times, but rather about you--what strengths of character you have developed that you could be using in this situation or what you set up to learn. You see, you attract situations to you so that you can develop that strength of character. Similar situations will come back again and again until you are finished. The reading can help you see clearly what is going on.
Tranformational Sessions with Arlene ArnoldTranformational Sessions with Arlene ArnoldMove what is stuck in your life--stuck in a job, stuck in a marriage, stuck in a health crisis. Complementary Color Therapy with Arlene Arnold can sometimes move you from the stuck place in minutes while deeper core issues may take a bit longer. If this seems amazing, it is! Wouldn't now be the right time to create new movement in your life?
Transformational Sessions-Leslie RomineTransformational Sessions-Leslie RomineComplementary Color Therapy Sessions plus Reiki with Leslie Romine who specializes in Personal Power, Authenticity, and Manifesting Healthy Relationships.

"I would love to guide you through these self-healing processes that will truly change your life!"
Transformational Sessions-Michael AschenbrennerShift what's not working in your life through a color therapy session with Michael Aschenbrenner, certified Complementary Color Therapist.  Michael draws from his training and his life experience as he guides you through the alchemy of color to change what doesn't work in your life so you can make choices that bring you everything you desire. 

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