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Newsletter December 2006Newsletter December 2006  Article:  Be There Now

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Be There Now!


In the DVD The Secret it becomes clear that simply wanting something is not enough.  If you want something, but aren't living the vibration of what you want, you will not attract it. So how do you bring that vibration to you so that you can attract what you desire?

Besides the amazing presentations in The Secret, I received some information in my journaling that I want to share with you.  Because I am a dabbler of an artist, I was allowed to see the creativity of manifesting as if I were painting a picture.  Here’s what came through:


“Paint in all of what you see that you desire, piece by piece.  Feel each of these creations first as energy, which bit by bit becomes more and more solid.  Eventually, what you see will be brought into form because you have envisioned it, molded it with your desire, attracted it through your focus, and welcomed it to you in form.  You are interacting with what you are manifesting even before you experience it in form.  You are celebrating what you are interacting with moment to moment.”


What I saw with inner eyes was how I could “paint” a vision of myself experiencing what I desired.  Just as I would continue to work on a painting until I felt it was finished, I could revise this inner vision by adding in more details and feeling myself there.  By doing this, the energy of it would come into my energy field.  I then could feel it and interact with it.  The more I could allow it to be with me as energy, the more real it would feel to me.  The more I could feel it with me, the more its energy and my energy would become compatible.  Thus the “painting” would emerge.  Its reality would be my reality even before it had taken form.  So when it actually came into form, it wouldn’t even be a surprise.


For me, this is the key to manifesting what I desire.  I interact with it as energy in my field by painting it into being through my imagination and being with it before it has appeared in form.


If this speaks to you, please try it.  I would be so happy to hear how this works for you. 

May your holidays be filled with wonder,

Arlene Arnold

© Arlene Arnold

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