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N So What’s the Big SECRET?

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Peggy Smith

N So What’s the Big SECRET?

By Peggy Smith


Many of you have heard about a new movie called, “The Secret” if not you can watch it on (Also available Here)  Currently we are witnessing a wonderfully creative evolution in movie making.  And as history has shown, movies really do reflect the changing collective consciousness.  We must be growing in the right direction because in the past year I’ve had the privilege to see “The Celestine Prophecy”, “The Peaceful Warrior”, “What the Bleep Do We Know”, “Conversation with God” and “The Secret”.  There are many others and more to come I am sure.  The Spiritual Cinema Group is another symptom of what the mind of man is coming to.  There are many common threads that are weaving this new horizon of enlightened entertainment but I would like to zero in on one miraculous and shinny thread that glitters within the offerings of spiritual story telling.  It is the concept that we create our own reality.  The big secret is that all we survey as our life experience comes from our own inner power of creativity. 


Like many of you I have been drawn to chasing the rabbit down the rabbit hole, riding twisters over the rainbow and taking the seven steps to the other side of the moon looking for answers to endless queries about life.  Understanding the reality of the soul and knowing just what we are suppose to be doing here are just a few of my curiosities. I usually embrace the answers that feel right to me and let rest of them go.  My recent “magical mystery tour” began with my first viewing of “The Secret”.  It’s all in the presentation.  There are no new concepts offered in this movie but I guess it is the way they said it.  It is one thing to collect theories and beliefs but another to put them into action.  I am a great collector but action is my downfall.


Intention and manifestation are just concepts unless you can take action.  Creative visualization is one of the steps explained in the movie to help you actively access the endless possibilities of the universe.  Again it isn’t a new idea and I have tried it with some positive results and no results.  The thing that caught my attention was the idea of a vision board; a place where you can put pictures and inspirations that are your life’s desires.  I took action and put together and Vision Book.  I used a scrap book and started filling the pages with pictures of what I want to manifest in my life.  Things like travel, time with nature, loving relationships, a perfect new home, good health and a dog.


That was over a month ago.  I visit my book every now and then to meditate and see myself having whatever I desire right now. This is an important point in creative visualization.  Whatever you focus on must be perceived as fulfilled now in the present; not dreamed or imagined in the future.  It was last week while I was doing something on the web that I was linked to  I had been thinking about getting a dog for sometime and a lot more since I have found myself waking in the grey winter mornings trying to find the inspiration to not just get out of bed but to plan a day that included some kind of exercise.  I spent an hour gazing at homeless pets and found a picture of a beautiful chocolate lab.  I was sure she was for me.  I even put her picture as the background on my computer to backup my quest.  When I found her at the shelter I was disappointed to hear that the she was going blind and had a bad knee joint.  I blessed her sweet self and left chanting, “If not this, then something better.” 


The process of creative manifestation includes some very important guidelines. 

These are just a few:

#1:  Get very clear on what you want.

        The Universe is very literal.  Do not use negatives in an affirmation.

#2:   Hold fast to your faith in all possibilities.

         “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”

                From “A Miracle on 34th Street”    1947

#3:   When you feel deeply about an inspiration, trust it and act on it immediately.

         The timing of the Universe is eternal but demanding.


I drove back home unable to let go of the idea that this was the day I would find my perfect canine companion.  I was very clear on my desire.  I wanted an adult dog, in good physical condition that was completely trained in commands and house broken.  It felt so right to be coming home with my new friend but no such luck.  As I parked my car in the driveway the intensity of knowing this was the right time made me decide to try one more local shelter.  There he was in the last kennel; a two year old yellow lab.  We spent some time walking in the meeting yard and it was love at first command.  He was beautiful, alert and from what I could tell had been well handled.  Someone was very sad that he was lost.  The people in the shelter were extremely surprised he wasn’t claimed right away.


As we walked toward my car, a woman going into the shelter stopped and asked if I was adopting him and was very happy for me.  She was coming back to adopt him that same day.  Driving home I was filled with gratitude and reflected on the day.  The day before, Huxley, (the dog) was in surgery to be neutered and had just recovered and returned to his kennel right before I came in.  If I had gone there earlier instead of going to see the other dog I would have missed him.  If I had not decided to act on my gut feeling and delayed just twenty minutes in continuing my search another person would have adopted him.  It was a few days later that I was scanning through my vision book and there he was.  The picture I had put in the book could have been a photo of Huxley.  I had forgotten it was there.


Another important element in attracting what you desire is to start out with simple things like a call from an old friend or finding a good parking spot.  To some finding a pet may seem like a small thing but it has changed me.  He is not just a dog to me; he is my new life coach.  He causes me to move my body by demanding daily walks and I am sure just petting him has lowered my blood pressure by ten points.  I have spent my life knowing I am not inspired by physical exercise and have only been successful when I’m in class or working with the buddy system.  Two things have gone from vision pictures to reality.  I have the perfect dog and am committed to a new exercise program. It has been six years since I have had a best friend sleeping at the foot of my bed and what a wonderful example of how I can share the Secret.


Peggy Smith

Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner

Licensed Biofeedback Therapist / Specializing in the QXCI / Scio Method

Integrative Counselor


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