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Newsletter Article January 2007Let Your Light Shine

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Light Magnifies Light So Let Your Light Shine!


Just this morning I went back to bed with a headache.  This is my clue that something is happening in the world that is very intense.  It seems that when my soul signed on the dotted line for this life time she agreed to release energies as they build up during this intense time of transformation.  Knowing this has helped me cope with the discomfort I feel in my body.  Instead of fighting it, I go back to bed, allowing myself to “be with it,” knowing that I am being guided through it.  I am never alone in the process.


Each of us has a part to play in this magnificent drama that is playing out here on Earth.  This doesn’t mean it’s always easy or comfortable.  Each part you, or someone else, plays may be different from what others are experiencing.  This is why I find it so helpful to talk about the process with others who are attempting to be consciously aware of what is happening and are listening to that inner voice.  That’s how we can come to understand the part each of us is playing.


When I was working with the information about the color “Silver” for the “ColorCards, in my mind’s eye I saw the moon shining an intense, beautiful ray of light down into a dark night.  I often think of that as we go through these times.  As we become clearer and clearer about our unique contribution and the many qualities that make up our soul vibration, we are being asked to hold that beauty no matter how much fear surfaces around us.


This also reminds me of the Biblical teaching that asks us not to hide our light under a bushel.  That thought came through with the Luminary Card, in my Luminaries Mandala Deck, called “Illumination.” Here is part of what I wrote, “Light magnifies light, which magnifies light, which impacts the entire universe so let your light shine!”


The energy I felt today had to do with the build up of troops in Iraq.  So many are angry!  Those who want to stop the build up of troops in Iraq are angry.  Those who think the only way to keep Iraq from dissolving into chaos is to build up our troops are angry.  Those in Iraq who want us to go home are angry.  Those who say we have a responsibility to stay now that we have disassembled the old regime are angry.  And mixed in with this is all the grief of those Iraqis and patriotic soldiers who have lost loved ones or have been maimed for life.  Children have lost parents.  Parents have lost children.  The hurt and grief go deep both here, in Iraq, and all over the world.


How do we hold onto an essence of compassion in a world that is in so much chaos?  How do those who work in jobs where the anger spills out from fellow employees and supervisors stay in a calm center?


Yet, this is what we signed up for.  We are to be the light that shines in the darkness.  Whatever your particular talent or gift, you are here to offer that no matter what the outside world chooses.


Although it seems out of place in this world gone mad, you can still experience great abundance--good friends, satisfying experiences, walks in the woods, unexpected gifts, there is so much that can feel good in this very moment.  Fear does not need to reside with you.  Shining your light means that you don’t allow the shroud of doubt and fear to cover your inner light.  You intentionally do whatever it takes to stay in a compassionate heart toward yourself and others.  You intentionally listen to that inner voice so you know where to be and what to do.  Is there some way you can help?  Only your inner voice knows.  You do not need to join the anger and grief.  You do not need to whine about the state of the world.  None of that helps.  Shining your light means smiling even while there is sadness around.  This doesn’t mean you are unaware of the chaos and grief, only that you will not spend your energy there.  You allow yourself to breathe through the grief when it comes up.  You acknowledge the concern when you wonder how you will stay safe.  Yet, acknowledging doesn’t mean living there.  Do you see the difference? In other words, we are still living in this physical world.  Yet, while living here, we don’t have to wallow in the grief and despair.  We are learning better ways to magnetize to us whatever we desire.  And we certainly don’t want to magnetize more grief and despair.


When my granddaughter was so very ill, I was glad for the tools I had learned about creating my world.  I was fully aware of what she was going through and that she might not make it.  But, worrying about that, focusing on that, simply made it worse.  At times we laughed and whenever possible we played and enjoyed each other’s company.


Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances, I talked to her body consciousness.  I asked how I could help.  I communicated with the chemicals that made up the chemo-therapy.  I asked them to stop the cells that were out of control, but to leave her vital organs alone.  I asked them to regulate their strength so it would be just right for my granddaughter. 


Normally people wouldn’t think of doing this; but because I had been working with the consciousness that is found in everything, I knew what to do.  Not only did it give me a different focus, but I hope and believe it actually helped.  My granddaughter is healthy today some 7 years later.  She still has some challenges ahead, but I don’t focus there.  Instead, I visualize that by the time she needs help, new technology will be available.


Watching the DVD “The Secret” has reminded me of the power of our thoughts and feelings and how we magnetize to us what we think and feel about.  I pay attention to both in my daily life.  I choose what I want to experience in my life by magnetizing it to me through my thoughts and feelings; and as much as possible, I stay centered in my heart whatever happens around me.  That’s my commitment to myself, to my soul self, and to this world and universe. 


I hope you will join me in this commitment.  Our world needs us to shine our light in every moment.  We can be examples of how to live with inner and outer awareness, choosing what we manifest and manifesting what we choose.


I have started several forums on  One is called “Ask Arlene” and the other is “What Are You Manifesting?”  Come join us in the discussion.  We can enjoy each other’s company and learn so much together!


Many Blessings in this Year of Reaping the Harvest,


Arlene Arnold

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