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TTMS Jan 2007 Newsletter

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Arlene Arnold's January Newsletter

We're Moving Ahead

Transformational Tools is moving ahead! We have now added a sister web site called created by my business partner Merina Arjumand. Merina has brought you her favorite ways to enjoy life to the fullest through all the senses so you blend your spiritual life and physical life in a most satisfying way. Being spiritual doesn't mean you are broke and it doesn't mean you are without pleasures, unless that's what you choose. It is important that we who are called to shine the light ahead for others also model how amazing this human life can be.

See Merina's article: Power in the Present Moment

Light Maginifies Light so Let Your Light Shine!

Just this morning I went back to bed with a headache. This is my clue that something is happening in the world that is very intense. It seems that when my soul signed on the dotted line for this life time she agreed to release energies as they build up during this intense time of transformation. Knowing this has helped me cope with the discomfort I feel in my body. Instead of fighting it, I go back to bed, allowing myself to "be with it," knowing that I am being guided through it. I am never alone in the process.

Each of us has a part to play in this magnificent drama that is playing out here on Earth. This doesn't mean it's always easy or comfortable. Each part you, or someone else, plays may be different from what others are experiencing. This is why I find it so helpful to talk about the process with others who are attempting to be consciously aware of what is happening and are listening to that inner voice. That's how we can come to understand the part each of us is playing.

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Arlene's January Newsletter Article

Power in the Present Moment

Living life in modern society is, for many people, a stressful, busy, or dull existence. As I travel across the country, people have shared with me their frustrations about the day-to-day grind that they find themselves in. A few friends have admitted that their lives are now filled with so much worry, sadness and grief about world events that they feel completely overwhelmed.

Where is the joy in a life full of worry about the future and frustration about the past? This is how I was living a few years ago. Then, I had a near-death experience that transformed my life and taught me the power of the present moment.

Click the link below to read the rest of the article . .

Power in the Present Moment

The Shift is Happening: An Interview with Gregg Braden

. . . what happened in the May-June-July time frame of 2002 is that journals such as Nature, Science, Scientific American, and New Scientist released reports saying that we are definitely in the process of a magnetic reversal, and the AP wires picked it up.
Scientists have no idea what the impact is going to be to electronic and electromagnetic power grids. But even more, they don't know what it means to human immune systems. Alternative healing modalities have shown a connection between magnetics and the immune system, which also would imply that our immune systems could very well be keyed into the magnetic fields of the earth.
We know that birds and animals migrate along the lines of these magnetic fields. So there is speculation that the changes taking place in the magnetic field are responsible for the changing migratory patterns in birds that have been recorded in Asia and North America.

Click below for the complete interview---

The shift is Happening

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My dream has been to create a place where practitioners and journiers alike can discuss what is important to them. That is why I have created two forums for you to join. Let me know if they meet your needs or whether you would like something different.
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"Ask Arlene"
"What Am I Manifesting" My entry is about manifesting what I wanted for the place I live. The picture above is in the woods near my home. Notice the bubble images we captured on film as we walked in the woods.

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New Sister Website:
Arlene's Article: "Light Magnifies Lights so Let Your Light Shine"
Merina's Article: Power in the Present Moment
An Interview with Gregg Braden: The Shift is Happening
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