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Everything on this site is about Personal Development.

I would like to highlight a few of the products that can change your life.

This book will help you attract all of what you want in your life!  I find it helpful to read sections of it each day.

Meditation Tools Made Simple
Techniques to Awaken the Spirit Within

This four part series teaches you relaxation techniques, ways to be in alignment with your soul and your human self, how to listen clearly to that inner voice of wisdom, and how to shift ways of thinking that worked well at one point in your life, but are now holding you back.  Four guided visualizations led by Arlene Arnold and music by Jo Sturm take you into yourself where you can find the answers you seek.

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Bach Flower Music

Each piece of music replicates the vibration found in the Bach Flower Remedies.  Whether you are releasing yourself from guilt, want to bring in more joy, are breaking a dependency habit, or whatever you desire to experience more of or less of, the Bach Flower Music can help.  See the before and after aura photos that show how the music changes your energy field.

"I am so impress with Al Harris's ability to create music that truly changes me almost instantly.  I can be having a difficult day, but when I choose one of the uplifting pieces of music from The Bach Flower Music, my mood is lifted.  When I have trouble letting go on an emotion, I choose the music that fits.  Soon that emotion has dissolved.  You will find yourself using this CD over and over as you shift your life to all it can be!"  Arlene

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 Personalized Products

We have provided you with three different ways to receive a tool that is created specifically for you.  Choose from a Personal Symbala (a Mandala art form), Personal Vibrational Blend (flower essences and more), or your own Soul Song.  Click here to learn more.

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