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How Color Affects YouHow Color Affects You

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Simple Effective Color Healing Techniques

Simple Effective Color Healing Techniques

Color is a Specific Vibration

You are a rainbow of color.  Each color is a very specific vibration.  Your body needs certain vibrations in order to be healthy.  When you get sick, your body is not vibrating to a bright color.  Instead, part of that energy is stuck.  This causes pain.  It also means that organs in that part of the body or not being fed the energy they need.  They can begin to break down.

How Can Color Therapy Help?

Color Therapy can move the stuck energy so that your rainbow colors are bright again.  This means your body can be healthy.  Complementary Color Therapy can move stuck energy through visualization and breathing techniques.  Deeper levels of this therapy also address emotions and patterns of thought that keep recreating the stuck energy.  When the electrical charge of these emotions and thoughts are dissolved, there is no need to come back to this pattern.

What is Color Therapy

Color Therapy includes all the many ways we use color to keep our rainbow of vibrations clear and bright.  The vibrations of color can be used to balance your energy field, heal a chaotic field, add more of a specific depleted vibration to your field, or help you gain information about the state of your energy field.  Remember, your health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually can be seen through colors and can be affected through the vibrations of color.

How Do Colors Affect You?

Our bodies are attuned to the rainbow. When these colors flow freely through the body we create our own unique rainbow of color because we express who we are through a pattern of color vibration and sacred geometry.  Color Therapy uses information found through these vibrations to adjust, rebalance, and re-configure your energy field.

A Video and Information About Color Courses

Click Here to learn more about the Online Course and Color Therapy Training.

Humanity’s Work is to Shift Stagnant Energy
Sometimes places within that rainbow become dark or muted. This indicates that the color vibrations are not flowing.  We are here to attend to those places.  Stagnation indicates there are fear-based emotions or beliefs present. We spend our lifetime clearing the stagnation because that is how we gain wisdom and how we become spiritually empowered humans. When we avoid and resist paying attention to the stagnation, our patterns become more entrenched, our behaviors remain the same, and the results don’t change.

The stagnation shows up as a very slow vibration of energy. These slower vibrations appear as dark or gray colors to the person who can sense or see energy. When the energy is flowing easily, the colors are bright and glowing.

The “tools” on facilitate changing the vibrations that are stagnant. This can happen through all the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and even the 6th sense, intuition. That is why you will find many different kinds of “tools” here.

Information and Intuitive Guidance May Change Your Perspective
Use the ColorCards and Mini ColorCards to focus on a color or several color vibrations. Pick a card without looking at the color side.  When you turn it over, if the layout or the cad itself indicates you are working with the “strength” of that color, that color is bright and flowing in you. That’s something to celebrate. When the layout or card shows up as a lesson, the color is less than bright. (An
aura photo can document this for you.)   This means there is something to pay attention to; there is something to shift so that the flow may be re-established. The ColorCards allow you to change your perspective; that is, to change how you see things. If you see through the eyes of fear-based emotions and beliefs, you attach yourself to a certain pattern of living that is highly emotionally and basically fearful. Once you shift your perspective, it’s as if you step back to view the scene with new eyes. A deep part of you “speaks up,” saying, “There is a different way to understand this.” Many times you feel a shift immediately and other times you notice the change the moment you act differently.

The ColorCards provide information that may change your perspective and also exercises that provide experiences that may create the shift. Each person responds differently, so each person must find what works for him/her.

Breathing Colors May Free up the Inner Flow

The CD Harmony through Color uses complementary colors (those across from each other on the color wheel) to bring balance to the energy centers of the body. You experience this through the intention to breathe color and through the act of breathing itself.

Perhaps you have been focusing on an issue for some time. Just the breathing of the colors can create the shift you have been looking for.

Let’s say that when you breathe the color you notice it is harder to feel it moving through a certain area of the body. Even though you spend more time focusing your breath there, you still feel as if you are forcing it. This is a signal to you. The stagnation that is in that center is not moving. You may want to turn to the ColorCards for information that will free your flow. You may want to use the information and visualizations exercises found there to eliminate obsessive emotions and to stop thoughts that go round and round in your head. 

How to Use the Mini ColorCards
Life is full of situations that come up.  Each situation is a like a scene in a play.  String them together and you have your life.  Some of those situations feel good.  Some don’t.  The ones that don’t feel good are here for our consideration. 

We can become victims to the drama or we can step into the wings and observe how each actor, including the self, is participating in our life drama.  We then see the choices we have. Stepping aside from the drama can sometimes be challenging.  The Mini ColorCards offer you a simple way to connect with your intuitive guidance to see your life from a different point of view. 

Here’s an example: 

Your co-worker is once again telling you how to do your job.  The hair is standing up on the back of your neck.  You are holding back the angry words that want to spew out your mouth. 

You remind yourself to step away from the situation for a few minutes.  You take the set of Mini ColorCards from your pocket, create the intention to understand what is happening in this situation, and then pick a card. 

In this example, what comes up is indigo.  When you turn the card over, the strength of indigo is in the up position for you to read. It says, “intuitive, ancient wisdom.”  Hmmm.  If you were to apply these strengths to this situation what would it look like?  Is there some information in your super conscious that you can pay attention to?  Do you have an understanding of this behavior to draw on? 

With these questions, you have just shifted your focus from the drama to the meaning.  Because of this shift, the energy in the field around you has changed. 

When you return to the situation, it will be transformed because your energy, thoughts and feeling have shifted. 

Another way to use the Mini ColorCards is to mix three sets of the cards so that each color may come up more than once.  Focus on what you want to know more about in your life.  Then, pick four cards.  Lay them out like this. 

Notice at the top of this layout you have one strength and three are lessons.  For each lesson you pick more cards until the last card comes up as a strength. 

As you read the words at the top of the card that indicate the strengths in blue, you think about the situation you have in mind.  What can you draw on in this situation? 

Now, you look at the lesson in orange and apply that.  The card that covers the orange is green.  So, this means that if you deal with the lesson in orange, you will help yourself develop the strength in green.  Understanding what is found in the vibration of orange will help you see a way to shift or resolve the situation that you have in mind  This can help you claim your strength found in the meaning of green. 

Do you see how laying cards one after the other on the card with lesson at the top shows you what path to follow from the color vibration which then leads you to the next card.  This line up of cards is then complete when the card shows a strength. 

By applying each card to your situation, you can see what you may need to pay attention to.  Focus is the key.  Will you focus on the problem or will you pay attention to the information available through the problem that can help you to develop wonderful traits that are potentially within you?

As you work with the Mini ColorCards, you may also want to consult the ColorCard book.  This 160 page book is available through the ColorCard Set (a book and large color card set) or you may choose to purchase the book separately with the ColorCard Mini Deck (Mini ColorCard & Book Package Deal).


Using the ColorCard Set

The ColorCard Book and Card set can bring great transformation to your life.  You may do layouts to look at your life purpose,consider situations that have come up in your life, create a focus for your day, or notice what is balanced or imbalanced in your life.   

Each color is given a chapter in the book.  Here are the sections within each color Chapter:an overview of the color meaning, strengths found in the color, lessons, exercises to turn the lessons into strengths, and life purpose information.   

There is a wealth of information in each chapter.  When this information is used in a layout, you will be amazed at what transforms in your life. 

“Well, I have to say that I am very enthusiastic about your ColorCards.  I gave a reading to a friend over the phone and she was thrilled.   The reading was SO accurate, she said, and that's high praise as she is a superb reader herself.   (It was also my first time reading for anyone but myself!)  Of course, I was still flabbergasted after conducting my own reading.  “Eleyne 

Complementary Colors
Complementary Colors are those across from each other on the Color Wheel.  When used in pairs they bring flow and ease to your energy.  This makes it possible to look at what you want to change in yourself without being fearful or judgmental of yourself.  This ease within you can also help your body, emotions, and thoughts heal.

Breathing Complementary Colors


Breathing Complementary Colors also de-stresses your life.  Now you can drive through traffic while staying relaxed, stay centered when others get emotional, or simply enjoy the world around you.

Track one explains how Arlene uses Complementary Colors

Track Two takes you through a breathing exercise to bring harmony to your energy.  This will  reduce stress, increases your vitality, and promotes health.

 Complementary Color Art

 This art was created specifically for use as part of the Color Therapy Program.  I combines the colors in pairs so that one is more predominant than the other.  

When using this art, place it over the specific areas of the body you are working with.  For example, when using the complementary pair of colors yellow and purple, you will be placing the art in front or behind the head and in front or behind the solar plexus (just below the rib cage down to the waist).  

If you place the art so that the picture faces out, you are releasing stuck energy in that area.  If you face the art toward you, you are bringing in the color vibrations to create balance.  You will know intuitively which way is best for you.

 complementary color art:  yellow/purple

 Color Energy Bags

The Color Energy Bag Sets include 2 complementary color cotton bags filled with rice that can be warmed in the microwave.  Choose from six sets:  red & green, orange and blue, yellow and purple, red-orange and turquoise, golden-peach & indigo, lime green & magenta. Instructions are included with the bags so you will know how best to use them.  You can determine what complementary colors you need to work with by feeling which energy center seems blocked or by paying attention to pain or discomfort in your body.

Color Therapy Sessions with Arlene
 In these private sessions Arlene Arnold applies many of the color tools she and others have created in addition to intuitive information she gains from your soul to bring you information and flow.  This can be done in-person or from a distance. 

Arlene helps your body connect your energy fields so the complementary vibrations bring flow and healing.  When working from a distance, Arlene finds it most empowering for you to be connected with her by telephone or e-mail so that you join in on the process.  She can do this without your conscious participation, but when you are involved in the process you can learn how to use color vibrations for yourself. 

 Complementary Color Therapy Training

Have you thought about using color as a healing modality or do you want to experience how color can transform your life?  Certification Courses are available in Complementary Color Therapy.  Click here for more information

Below you will also find other  help to shift old emotional and thought patterns such as Bach Flower Music, Meditation Tools Made Simple and Personalized Tools Made Especially for You. 

If you have specific questions about color, Contact Arlene so she can answer it in her monthly newsletter.  

All of what you have learned here is preparation for the next stage of our vibrational development.  We are becoming "New Humans."  To me, this means we are transforming in every way-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

As we release the energy that has been stuck in old emotions, patterns, and ways of thinking our overall vibration is raised.

    • Physically you are lighter
    • Emotionally you are free to be fully present here and now
    • Mentally you are not tied to one way of thinking
    • Spiritually you are aware of your inner knowing

This is important because we are preparing for a new way of Being.

You can learn about that new way of Being through the Luminaries.  This is another book and round mandala card set.  The 12 cards depicted in the front cover help you transition from the world of drama into a work of being.  The 12 cards depicted in the back cover allow you to experience this new way of being. 

This set of cards along with the frameable Art that is the same as the mandala cards; the CD "Crystal in the Heart;" and "The Diamond Grid" offer you simple ways to raise your vibration and experience the web of connections that make up the finer vibrations.  But remember, it is necessary to finish the old world before you can fully experience the new one.  Often we are working on both at the same time.  It's like having a foot in both worlds.  Eventually you will find that more of you is in the new world and you are simply not vibrating in the old world.  However, you are still observing it without judgment.  We are to "be in the world, but not of the world."

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Book-Relax Relieve RejuvenateBook-Relax Relieve RejuvenateAre you tired of being stressed out?  Here's an easy, proven way to de-stress and start your day relaxed and energized.  And it takes 20 minutes or less first thing in the morning.
ColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCardsColorCard Set plus Mini ColorCardsA very accurate Oracle using the Vibration of Color. Use the ColorCard Book & Card Set for layouts that help you go deep. Use the Mini ColorCards for Immediate information that shifts your focus (Carry them in your pocket).
ColorCardsColorCardsEmpower Your Life through Color
ColorCards Book OnlyColorCards Book OnlyThis is the book that is part of the ColorCard Book & Card Set. It can be studied on its own or used with the Mini ColorCard Deck.
Colorcards Original SetColorcards Original SetThis was the first version of the Colorcards, a divination oracle set of cards.  This is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. 14 individual color cards.
Colorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsColorcards-Original Book Plus Mini ColorCardsThis is a simple way to understand the meaning of color and how that affects your life. It's especially helpful to teens and those new to using cards. Spiral bound book to lay open as you lay out the cards. It includes the original ColorCard Book with two additional pages for the additional colors in the updated version. Instead of the original cards, this set includes the Mini ColorCards created at the same time as the newer version.

The chapters are shorter so the whole chapter can be read quickly. The set is very effective and has been a favorite since it was first brought out.

The Mini ColorCards are especially helpful because they tell you whether you are dealing with a lesson or strength. When using them for the Life Purpose Layout, one card can represent the general direction of your Purpose.

Like the newer version, this set helps you to focus on what is happening in a situation in your life, showing you what you are learning from it and what
Course: Luminaries Illuminated Part ICourse: Luminaries Illuminated Part ILuminaries Illuminated offers you a unique experience with each of the Luminaries Cards. There are 2 decks of 12 cards each.  This series is deck 1.Each card builds the energy for the 12 weeks.
Course:Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine and FeminineCourse:Heal and Embrace Your Inner Masculine and Feminine

Transform your Habits; Embrace your Authenticity

Habits sometimes seem to take over our lives. We often know they are not in our best interest, but changing them seems difficult. This course guides you through a process of discovery, transformation, and a new way of living that offers satisfaction you may never have felt before..

Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusCourse:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusUnique, powerful color therapy techniques to bring you back into the flow of life now available through an online course.
E-book What Your Favorite Color MeansE-book What Your Favorite Color MeansEverybody seems to have at least one favorite color.
Often it has been the same color for many years. Do you have a favorite color that has been important for you for a long time?

This e-book is a compilation of 6 articles (6 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) that show you what it means if that color is your favorite. It's also interesting to look up someone else's favorite color--your partner, child, friend, co-worker. You can tell a lot about a person by knowing their favorite color.

E-book: Least Favorite Color, What It MeansE-book: Least Favorite Color, What It Means

Are there some colors you have an aversion to? You just don’t want them around.

Most people have at least one color that is their least favorite
Luminaries Mandala Card DeckLuminaries Mandala Card Deck24 round mandala cards of Sacred Geometry Art and a book of Inspired Verse create a high vibrational oracle of transformation. 
Mandala Coloring BookMandala Coloring Book

The Power of Color, mandala coloring book, shows how to use color to increase your energy, bring out your creativity, sooth your emotions, and bring balance to your life.  Using complementary color will give you new insights to shift your energy and transform your life.

Through the simple process of mindful coloring with a set of complementary colors or with the three sets that make up the rainbow, change takes place.  It is subtle and long lasting. It’s fun and transformational for all ages. It brings balance to your life, soothing your body, mind and spirit.

Mini ColorCardsMini ColorCardsSmall carry-in-your-pocket cards for immediate focus to bring balance to any situation you encounter. Complementary colors are noted on each card telling you how to use the colors for balance
Mini ColorCards & ColorCard BookMini ColorCards & ColorCard BookCombine the Mini ColorCards with the ColorCard Book.
Mini ColorCards, Set of 3Mini ColorCards, Set of 3Using a unique layout using 3 sets of Mini ColorCards you can see what strengths you have developed and what you are learning at this time. Then, folow the cards to see how to turn the lessions into strengths.
Opening to a New DayOpening to a New DayStart your day in a balanced and focused way!
Package 2: CrystallinePackage 2: Crystalline
Package of ColorCards plus 3 Mini SetsPackage of ColorCards plus 3 Mini SetsPackage of ColorCards plus 3 Mini ColorCard Sets
Package: Cards Sets Using Color VibrationPackage:  Cards Sets Using Color VibrationSave on this Package Deal of card decks using Color & Sacred Geometry ColorCards Mini ColorCards (3 sets) Luminaries Retail Package $107.40 (includes coaching) You save $42.40
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