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Complementary Color Mandala Art Prints in Card Size

Complementary Color Mandala Art Prints in Card Size

Complementary Color Mandala Art Prints in Card Size
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Complementary Color Art by Lahrinda Eileen brings balance to your energy field. Use the small card size for gifts and as a focus center on your altar or desk. Resolve inner conflict with the balance. Learn about yourself through this balance.

Complementary Colors (those across from each other on the Color Wheel) bring balance between your Conscious (human) and Super Conscious (soul) self. This opens you up to hear your intuition so that what you do in your life is in alignment with your Soul Purpose. Often, old patterns of fear, blame, anger, and such can keep you stuck. Using Complementary Colors helps you to relax so that you can be honest with yourself and make the changes that will help you enjoy life more and know that what you are doing counts in the bigger picture of life.

Sacred Geometry is a powerful way to make changes in your energy field.

Choose your Colors:

Purple/Yellow Purple (third eye) completes yellow, (solar plexus). Bring intuitive knowing into your day to day life.
Yellow/Purple Yellow (solar plexus) completes purple (intuitive knowing). Bring clarity to your intuition.
Blue/Orange Blue (throat) completes Orange (below the navel) Be fully present, flowing through life.
Orange/Blue Orange (below the navel) completes Blue (throat) Express what you are feeling.
Green/Red Green (heart-lungs) completes Red (end of spine) Create a foundation of love and growing.
Red/Green Red (end of spine) completes Green (heart-lungs) Transform survival energy into passion for purpose

Check the links below for
*Special Prices on the Complete Set
*This art in 8-1/2 x 11 Frameable Size
*More art by Lahrinda Eileen
Features Benefits
5 x 7 Card Size Send this art to a friend
Focus your Energy Use this size for personal focus
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