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CD: Divine Harmony

CD: Divine Harmony

CD: Divine Harmony
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The intention of this music is to remind you of the tones that are part of your living matrix that were used to sing this universe into being. When you play it, you realign yourself with the original sacred intention for this universe, this planet, and you.

This CD is a co-creation of Dr. Leonard Horowitz (teacher, philosopher, and alternative healer), Dr. Joseph Puleo (discoverer of the tones), and Al Harris (interpreter of the tones through music).

Al's process in creating the music was this:
He produced the six tones on his computer and found the corresponding musical notes.
He listened to the tones for a week, meditated on the sounds, and then, along with Dr. Horowitz, prayed for Spiritual Guidance.
They focused on the intent to "produce music that can empower, uplift and celebrate our loving human relationships, and connection to God."
The six tones became the basis for six musical compositions, each written in the musical key of the tone.

Track 1: Six Tone Prelude
Six harp glissandos that each begin on the musical notes that correspond to the six tones.

Track 2: Beginnings
Starts with temple bells and a lonely Asian flute. Then, like droplets of rain gently falling into a pool of water, a rhythm begins to spread out like ripples in the pool until joined by a melody interchange between pan pipe and Asian flute. There is an occasional sprinkling of koto as well.

Track 3: Light
A delicate piece that begins with the dawing of light with grand piano, delicate hartp, and a touch of pan flute. LIght is like a dawning, a glimmer of brightness, that illuminates your life.

Track 4: Sound
Begins with the sound of a conch shell. The piano plays a melody, joined by violin. This classical piece melds into a jazz waltz.

Track 5: Growth
Starts with the sound of a didgeridoo. Joined by percussion, vibes, floaty electric piano, and alto sax. From the deepest place within us, we take our passions and begin to align them with God's light and sound to produce growth.

Track 6: Wisdom
This sensitive piece begins with harp and flute, joined by piano. Wisdom can be as subtle as the touch of a spider web.

Track 7: Freedom
Freedom is a Bach-like piece that suddenly blossoms into a boogie in the middle. It knows no bounds. Piano, harpsichord, trumpet, harp, flute, violin, and sax take turns.

Track 8: Six Ton Postlude
The six tone harp glissandos revisited, so you can go from upliftment through your life's journeys.
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