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E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"

E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"

E-book "How to Change the Default Mode of Living"
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Do you sometimes find you have arrived at a location, but you don’t remember driving there? Your attention was elsewhere in your thoughts, yet your memory took you through the motions.

I sometimes find this disturbing. I do not remember the drive. It is as if I was elsewhere. I can even feel a bit disoriented as I look around to see where I am. It’s as if I have been under a spell, as if something else was in control.

Life can be like that. Knee jerk reactions to situations are predictable. Just as fast as you would pull your hand off a hot stove, you react to something disturbing. The pattern has been set. You react with the same emotions and the same thoughts every time—different people, different situations but the same reaction. To re-act is to act again—to act in the same manner as before, to replay the same patterns.

I call this our “default mode.” For those of you who work with computers, you set a default mode for what program will handle what job; for what information will be used; for what order files will be shown to you.

The default mode you have set will come up the same way every time unless you change it to a new default mode. You have the ability to change what happens if you take the time to let the computer know what you want.

That same opportunity is available in life. If you don’t like your knee jerk reactions or they don’t give you what you need, you can change them. You just have to be willing to pay attention to the mode your reactions are set in, decide what you want instead, tell your unconscious what you want, and then ask for some help to make the changes.

So how exactly does that work and what benefits can come from changing the default mode of operation in life? That’s what this e-book is about.

Arlene Arnold is a certified Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator. Her counseling techniques guide you through processes to change core beliefs and ingrained patterns. This E-book is one of the recent "tools" she if offering.
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25 page book with examples and practical application
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