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Riding the Wave

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Ride the Wave with Ease

Wow!  Life is moving faster than ever before.  We know more about ourselves and what we came to contribute to this life.  Yet, staying balanced and centered on that moving wave is sometimes challenging

Lately, injuries, the flu, people leaving this world, and so much more stops us in our tracks.  You can move into frustration or use this as a message that will help you ride the wave that moves us into a new way of being human.

Some weeks ago while using the toe of one shoe to pull off the other, I over extended a muscle that runs from the groan, through the buttocks, and into the upper leg.  In seconds I was on the floor writhing in pain. 

During the time it took to heal, I thought about why this had happened.  I used my complementary color technique with the red and green to get the energy moving and to help with the healing process.  I asked the stuck energy that was left, why this had happened.  Two messages came through.  One was about moving too fast (an old pattern) and the other was about fear of being so successful that my business might consume my life.  My business is expanding quickly and I was trying to keep up.  The message from this injury was to take time to meditate, plan, and move step by step.  Whatever direction my business takes, it will be exactly right for me and everyone else involved.  I received the messages with gratitude.  Still, I have to remind myself every day.  It's one of the great challenges of being human.

So what does this new way of being human look like?  In my work as a Complementary Color Therapist I see the following processes coming to the forefront:

  1. Clearing up patterns of thought and emotion that keep us stuck.
  2. Learning to use all our abilities-both practical and intuitive.
  3. Bringing together the best of human and the best of beingness.
  4. Integrating both the feminine and masculine parts of the self.
  5. Operating as a Capable Human Being.
  6. Contributing what we came here to offer as our life purpose
  7. Raising our personal vibration to match the Earth and Universe.
  8. Changing our starting point from "How much can I do?" to "How completely can I be present in the stillness of this moment and then do what flows naturally?" 

The next phase of my work is to offer the basic Complementary Color Therapy Course.   I'm launching the next Level I course and training with a Skype Tele-Conference on April 2nd at both 11-12am and 7-8pm, Pacific Standard Time, followed by a week of workshops in April in Spokane, WA and Level I of the course April 25-27th.   This course is the basis for all other trainings.  It is a stand-alone course for individuals and the first step toward certification of practitioners and trainers in this process.  Complementary Color Therapy augments other types of healing therapies so effectively that we also invite healers, doctors, nurses, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and others to take the course. A full day Practicum will follow on Monday April 28th for practitioners and those who would like to use these techniques in their work and those who are working toward Level I Certification.

To join the discussion by phone or computer send me a message through Skype or E-mail Me by April 1st.   To connect through your computer just download the free Skype software from and send a message that you want to be included in the teleconference.  If you prefer to use your phone, e-mail me your phone number and you'll be called at the start of the conference call.  Or you can always call me at 1-877-607-0350 or 360-450-6849. There is space for 25 participants per call, so sign up early. 

Check out the Events Page to locate the course and training in your area. Certified practitioners will have the opportunity to become trainers in the future.

The Luminary Card called "Attunement" speaks to Riding the Wave.  (See it above)  "Earth and all its inhabitants are shifting octaves, tuning to a new song.  With a heart now freed and expanded, join the chorus that radiates compassion and understanding.  Ride the wave of change with ease.  Feel the wave.  Join the wave.  Become the wave."

As we ride this wave, many will choose to move on to other experiences in other places in the Universes.  Let us bless them as they transition from this life.  They may have finished what they came for or they may have become too stuck to make the changes.  Either way, they will profit from this Earth experience.  They will be helped through the transition by those on the other side.  You can assist them on their way by seeing them (with your inner eyes) being met and guided to a place of healing or to their place of transition.

My job and your job are to be the best New Humans possible.  We are to show others by our example and we are to help each other with the changes that sometimes seem difficult.  Seek out others who are riding the wave.  Become buddies in this transition.  Take time to listen inwardly. 

Keep that connection to both the human you are and the being you are.  (This is the essence of Level I of Complementary Color Therapy.) They connect deep in the heart where they access your Soul and All that Is.  We are way more powerful co-creators than we even begin to understand.  And there is so much help available when we allow it!

Blessings on your journey! 

I look forward to talking with you soon...and riding on the waves together!

Arlene Arnold

Copyright Arlene Arnold 2008

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