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Sandi BuchananSandi Buchanan

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"I asked Sandi to join the other amazing practitioners on my web site because she is one of the most accurate and compassonate psychics and mediums that I have met.  She and I have been friends for many years and I find her helpful when I need additional insight.  She was especially helpful in allowing my x-husband to speak through her after he died in August of 2008. 

Sandi hears messages from the angels and also those who have died.  This can clarify for you what you long to hear.

Sandi's guidance as she interprets what is received, shows you how to access more of your own inner wisdom while helping you focus on what is most important for you right now."  Arlene

Sandi says, "I have been a seeker of truth and spiritual wellness for many years. At the age of 13 I was receiving messages from my angel guides and assisting people as they 'crossed' over, needing a loving heart to communicate their wishes to those being left behind.
During the last decade, I have created a vehicle to share my belief that we are capable of healing ourselves from within as we travel into our hearts with unconditional love and forgiveness of ourselves and others." 

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