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Tranformational Sessions with Arlene Arnold

Tranformational Sessions with Arlene Arnold

Tranformational Sessions with Arlene Arnold
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When you have a problem in your life you may say, "I'm stuck in this job, this marriage, this merry-go-round, this health crisis." This indicates that your energy is not flowing. It is stuck.

The good news is that Arlene Arnold has developed a way of using Color Therapy that can move that stuck energy and change what you are experiencing, sometimes in minutes.

Here's what Darlene Said: : “I had a cold, and congested sinuses. For weeks I had been asking for a clearer mind. After 10 minutes of Arlene’s work, my sinuses cleared, the cold was gone, and my mind was clear!”

This is a guided/facilitated process. Arlene works with your body and your inner knowing to discover what will help move the energy. This is done by phone. In a 60 minute session much can be cleared. In some cases, however, you are dealing with a core issue, one that goes to the depth of who you are. This can take longer. For $199 you can set up three sessions to go deeper.

Arlene is a Certified Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator. She has been facilitatingg sessions with clients and training participants since 1995. Her Complementary Color Therapy combines her unique color therapy techniques with her Inner Reality Therapy techniques. This method brings together a variety of ways of shifting energy including her training in Transactional Analysis and her understanding of Body Talk.

If something has bothered you for many years, it's time to dissolve that old energy. You can feel good about you and that always translates to better relationships and more satisfaction in life.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Calm & CenteredAfter our session I felt much more calm and centered. My digestive system and core also seemed to be really calm and grounded, much more free and relaxed for a number of days

My traumatic childhood experience which resulted in PTSD seems to have a more dreamlike quality and there is another dream which overlays it now, with a lot more support and a positive outcome.

It feels like something major has cleared, and the past life experience which came up feels real to me.
Written by Gaylee on Sat 3 Jan 2015 6:38:31 PM GMT
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