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Sound & Music TherapySound that Heals, Thrills, and Awakens the Soul

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We know that how we hear is based on the vibrations that produce sound.  Since everything is energy that is vibrating, sound becomes an important influence in our experiences.

There are many different kinds of sounds and music that have been used to harmonize one’s personal energy field, to communicate, and to affect life universally.  Singing, chanting, humming, stomping, dancing—these are all ways to join in with the sound and music.

Here on we highlight sound as Visualization Meditations and Music to harmonize the energy field and Music to assist in Meditation.  

Below are some selections from and below that are CD's that we carry on  Each is hand picked because we know the music and meditations will move you and assist in your journey.

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CD Set: Bach Flower MusicCD Set: Bach Flower MusicMusic in the vibrations of the Bach Flower Remedies to shift emotions and whatever blocks you.
CD Set: Healing Power of Music KitCD Set: Healing Power of Music KitExplore How Vibration Affects You through this informative discussion with numerous experts who use the Power of Sound. Then, listen to the music on the 2nd CD to experience the vibrations yourself.
CD: Connect & TransformCD: Connect & TransformA CD with Four visualizations: Relax, Connect to Earth and the Heavens, Meet your Divine Self, and Shift the Protector.
CD: Divine HarmonyCD: Divine Harmony
CD:Crystal in the Heart
CD:The Diamond GridCD:The Diamond GridExperience the light grid that holds all things in place. Learn to manifest your desires through the colors and light grid while listening to Arlene Arnols's soothing voice.
Download: Chakra Meditation by Dawn SimpsonDownload: Chakra Meditation by Dawn SimpsonHere is a Chakra Healing Meditation that was given from the angels. You may use this to bring your chakras into balance, keep them in balance or to use as part of your meditation practice. Within this meditation you will go to YOUR sacred place, where you will take this healing journey.
Download: Crystal in the HeartDownload: Crystal in the HeartMeditation with music to Experience Higher and Higer Vibrations through the Crystalline Energies
Package: Visualization CD'sPackage: Visualization CD'sSave on this Visualization Meditation Package by Arlene Arnold. Harmony through Color reduces stress and balances all the energy fields (chakras) in the body through Complementary Colors. Crystal in the Heart takes you into higher crystalline vibrations as you see all connections from this level. The Diamond Grid helps you visualize these light connections as the sacred geometry
Identify Bach Flower Music NeededIdentify Bach Flower Music NeededRemedy Finder: An easy way to decide which tracks of the Bach Flower Music will help you shift whatever holds you back. Each piece of music is in the vibration of a Bach Flower Remedy. Play the music; shift your mood. Try a sample of the music

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