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Personlized Services and Products for You

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Services and Products Offered by our Practitioners

Services and Products Offered by our Practitioners

Meet the practitioners at  Each one offers a unique service to help you become all that you are.  If you are in their area, you may meet them in person.  If you are far away, you may reach them by e-mail or telephone.  Check the calendar of events for classes and individual sessions available where you live.
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Arlene Arnold: ColorCard ReadingsArlene Arnold: ColorCard ReadingsColorCard Readings can pinpoint exactly what is happening for you right now. This isn't about names or specifics times, but rather about you--what strengths of character you have developed that you could be using in this situation or what you set up to learn. You see, you attract situations to you so that you can develop that strength of character. Similar situations will come back again and again until you are finished. The reading can help you see clearly what is going on.
Personal Symbala Mandala ArtPersonal Symbala Mandala ArtPersonalized Symbalas created by Mandala Artist Lahrinda Eileen Resonating with symmetry and color, a Personal Symbala is a mandala or magic form representing wholeness or unity. Each one is created from an intuitive integration of Symbols, Sacred Geometry, Birth Numbers and Color inspired by the energies of an individual,
Personalized ProductsPersonalized ProductsCreated personally for you, these products assist your body, mind & spirit to thrive. You will find products using music, art, and vibrational essences.

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