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Do You Feel Stressed Out?

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The Biggest Cause of Stress

The biggest cause of stress is a breakdown of communication within your energy field.

When that happens you can feel…

  • Tense
  • Worried
  • Confused

So what do I mean by a breakdown? 

You have two parts…

  • Your conscious (practical) side
  • Your super-conscious (intuitive) side

For ease in living, these parts need to communicate and work together. 

Too often, the practical side takes over and causes you to push your way through life. You try to manage every circumstance and even the people around you.  Keeping all those balls in the air is very stressful!

Or sometimes you just “check out,” letting practical matters slide.  Stress hits big time when you have to come down to earth and clean up the mess you thought you were avoiding.

Healthy living includes both the practical and the intuitive side working together.

 How Your Energy Centers Affect You

Three lower energy centers connect you to your…

  •   Thoughts 
  •    Emotion
  •     Basic survival energy 

 Three upper centers deal with your…

  •   Intuition and knowingness
  •   Passion for life
  •   Ability to work with others

Chakra Man

Each energy center has an associated color.  And by working with those colors you can direct the flow of energy in and out of a center.

The secret is to CONNECT your higher and lower centers, to COMBINE your conscious and super-conscious abilities, so you have a full rainbow of colors and energies working together.  In harmony.

That combination gives you access to the same vast storehouse of knowledge that successful artists, creative scientists and inventors use.  That helps you…

  • Clear confusion
  • Make good decisions
  • Change chaos to calmness
  • Resolve problems without getting into the “drama”

A Simple Exercise to Reduce Stress

If a center has blocked energy, using its color complement can release it, returning it to its natural flow.

For example, suppose you want to start a new project or develop a new relationship – you need the vitality of red. 

If you use the red energy from your base center to push your project or relationship, you will feel tired and frustrated if it isn’t moving fast enough or things are not developing as you think they should. So use this exercise to bring green energy (its complement) into your red center.  This will allow your new project or relationship to grow easily and effortlessly…

Your red center governs the lower hips down through your feet…

  • Breathe in, filling this area with green.
  • Hold your breath while you see the green and red swirling through this area.
  • Breathe out, releasing any blockages in the red center.
  • Repeat five times.

Green can “show” red how to regulate its immense energy to “run the race” without burning out.    

Your green heart energy can calm the fierceness of too much passion, or redirect your fire if it is being spent on frustration and is in danger of fizzling out. 

Green can reduce fear, instill hope, and allow you to receive help from others.

Experiment with this technique for a week, and journal what happens for you each day.  You’ll be amazed.

Can it be that simple?  You bet! 

After being guided through the breathing exercise for all the colors, here’s what Judy Milton said . . .
The experience made me feel lighter, healing my back pain, giving my thinking clarity, and restoring my usual robust vitality.  I could feel the energy blocks slowly disintegrate.”

Would you like to learn something so effective it can bring back your vitality and calm your stress within a few minutes?

Through the courses I offer, you can learn the rest of this exercise and many more powerful techniques to use every day.

September, 2007 I am offering two opportunities in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, WA & Tacoma, WA) to experience How to De-stressThrough the Power of Color. 

This beginning course certifies you for Level I of Complementary Color Therapy.  Use it for yourself, your friends, and as an additional healing tool if you are a health practitioner.   This is a hands-on, practical class.  A great opportunity to see me use these techniques in person, and to help you with your particular needs. 

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