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Color & Color Therapy TrainingColor & Color Therapy Course & Training

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Arlene Arnold has founded a color healing technique called "Complementary Color Therapy."  This is a unique way to use colors that are across from each other on the color wheel to dislodge stuck energy that is keeping you in old patterns.  If you continue doing things the same way, you will get the same results.  If your life results are not what you know they can be, this color therapy can make a difference!  Pain and discomfort often dissolves immediately.  Deeper issues take additionel techniques.  This combination of visualizing and breathing color keeps you healthy and lets you know what colors to use and what is behind your discomfort. 

The links below will give you additional information.  The "Training" link offers a short video that will explain why using complementary colors works.

How Color Affects YouHow Color Affects YouAll the color vibrations of the rainbow are needed for the body to be healthy. Through the meanings of color and from the aches and pains in the body (its alarm system), Color Therapy discovers what has upset the energy balance in and around the body. Techniques using complementary colors can ease the tensions brought on through what we think and feel.
Color Therapy InformationColor Therapy InformationUse color to bring about changes in your life!
ComplementaryColor Therapy TrainingComplementaryColor Therapy TrainingA Trainer guides students through Arlene Arnold's unique approach to Color Therapy. Complementary Chakra Colors combine to create simple and profound ways to stay healthy and to dissolve old issues that run day-to-day life.

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