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ComplementaryColor Therapy TrainingComplementary Color Therapy Course & Training

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Course I: How to De-stress Through the Power of Color

De-Stress through Color

Change Chaos to Calmness

  • Reduce the frantic side of life.
  • Find your passion & reason for being.
  • Savor each moment instead of just getting by.
  • Become fully present and "show up" for your life - the one you REALLY want to live.

Color Can Change Your Energy

Color is energy.
You are energy.
Each color has a unique frequency that can affect you.

For example...
  Red vibrates with a wavelength of 650 nanometers.
  Blue vibrates with a wavelength of 475 nanometers.
  (A nanometer is about a billionth of a meter)

If you shine a red light into a glass of water, a thermometer will show a different temperature than if you shine a blue light into that same water.

Color Can Change Your Mood

In 1942, Russian scientists found that red light stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, while white and blue light stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.
That's why, among other things, different colors can change your mood!
The force and power of color is at your disposal, when you learn to COMBINE complementary pairs in a certain way.  When that happens, it's like taking a few normally harmless materials and producing dynamite!  Because with the power of complementary colors, you can... 

  • Get out of survival mode.
  • Use stress to your advantage.
  • Gain clarity and make better decisions.
  • Tap into the wisdom of your super-conscious.

How to De-stress Through the Power of Color...

... is a beginning course (18 hours) to teach you to use the power of color pairs - complementary colors that correspond to "complementary" energy centers within your

There are three energy centers that influence your conscious or practical abilities. And three others that influence your super-conscious or intuitive abilities. 

You may have felt quite alone at times.  Especially when you try to cope with the world by using only ½ your abilities:  either your conscious skills, or your intuitive side. 

But you are a WHOLE person.  And when both sides of you connect, fear fades, stuck energy dissolves, you gain new awareness, and new possibilities appear. 

Using color to connect your energy centers can re-balance you.  Then, instead of thinking such thoughts as: "What's wrong with me? I'm nothing.  I don't fit in," and simply reacting, you can begin to operate from choice

In this class you will study: 

  • Three color pairs
  • Six energy centers
  • Color breathing, and balance exercises
  • Connecting your conscious and super-conscious energies

Saturday and Sunday sessions teach you theory and principles which you practice along the way so you can immediately use everything you learned about, to improve yourself and your life conditions. 

You will leave this class fully confident in applying the Power of Complementary Colors as a new force in your life.  Complementary Color Therapy also works well with other healing modalities.

Want Certification?

The Complementary Color Therapy Course and Followup Course are pre-requisites for certification as a Complementary Color Therapist.  You can pay for the whole certification program or work with it in 3 different certification programs.

See Below the Syllabus for the Online Training and Certification Program


Click Here for an Outline of the Complete Training Program
Trainer:  Arlene Arnold

Trainer: Arlene Arnold

Arlene Arnold is a Certified Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator. She has been teaching her Color Therapy techniques and Inner Reality Therapy to individuals and groups since 1995. Those who have trained as Inner Reality Therapists use these techniques with other healing modalities.
Trainer:  Leslie Romine

Trainer: Leslie Romine

Leslie Romine is a certified trainer of Complementary Color Therapy.  She has been doing this work since 2004.
Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study Plus

Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study Plus

Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study Plus
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Basic Online Color Course:  How to Balance through the Frequncies of Color
This course is for everyone and it is also a pre-requisite for the Level 1 Training and Certification Program

Are you fascinated with color?  Do you wonder if learning to breathe and swirl complementary colors can really help you feel more healthy, reduce those lingering thoughts that come up during your day and in your dreams, and bring you a sense of peace? Many have discovered the power of balancing body, mind, and spirit through the complementary frequencies of color.

You can now use your computer as your classroom as you settle back with a cup of tea. Plus you can meet and share with others on a spiritual quest for a greater quality of life through phone conferences.

This course is packed with information, experience, and opportunity to release what has been holding you back in your life. It is made up of six modules which include the manual and videos.

Color is such a simple, everyday way to lift your spirit.

Some of what people have reported to us after using the techniques are:

  • Everyday aches and pains disappear
  • Repeating unwanted thoughts no longer have a hold on you
  • What others say and do doesn’t trigger old emotions
  • New job opportunities come along because you’re more open to them
  • You feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted
  • Relationships inprove
  • Children who learn to use the techniques have increased their focus and experienced greater calm.
Available through weekly downloads or  in CD format  for computer (same price plus shipping). 

This is a beginning course for everyone! 

Learn simple tools to...

  • Live fully.
  • Cultivate peace-of-mind.
  • Follow your deepest desires.
  • Dissolve stress, tension or anxiety.
This course includes:
  1. Six learning modules with information and ways to apply what you learn through questions and breathing exercises. This leads to major shifts in your energy field.‚Äč
  2. Videos that give you additional information
  3. E-mail support. You send in the answers to your questions and we provide encouragement. We also answer any questions that arise.
  4. During the course, you have access to individual sessions with founder Arlene Arnold at a reduced price.
Still want to know more? Check Out the Introductory Video that explains how and why color works. 

We are here to answer your questions as you go along. 

Once you pay, watch your e-mail (check the spam box if you don't see it). You will be signed up to receive the course in weekly modules.  Be sure to confirm that you want to receive the course, so again check your email for the confirming e-mail.

Features Benefits
Take the Course at Home Work at your own pace and timing
Easy Techniques Tune-up your energy in a few minutes
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
color therapy as a cold virus remedyHi Arlene! I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what occurred after I took your advice concerning the use of color for helping my healing process along when I had a horrible cold. I have never had such a terrible cold. I called you and you suggested that I visualize the colors purple and yellow in the area affected by the virus. Within 25 minutes I had enough of an appetite that I put my shoes on and went to the store to get myself something to eat. It was the first time since the onset of the cold that I was actually hungry.

It still took a few days to completely rid myself of the cold but the color therapy was definitely a turning point in the healing process. Thank you again for your help.
Written by Diane U on Wed 7 Jan 2015 6:58:17 PM GMT
Introductory courseVery good and well thought out information about color and how to use color. The techniques were simple enough to apply in my daily life. It has also made a difference using color with my clients. They shift with greater ease and less discomfort. And it has amazed my clients how simple to dress or accessorize with complimentary colors. I have shifted with ease, feel more balance, create more options of harmony color coordination with my clothing and see the gradual difference in my life since using the complimentary colors. All in all, this is a great introduction with a wealth of knowledge that is easy to learn and apply in your life. Written by Moreah Love on Fri 5 Apr 2013 11:16:43 PM GMT
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Praise for the Training Program

Praise for the Training Program

Dear Arlene and Leslie,
I would like to offer my appreciation for how you have set up the modules for the Color Therapy training.  The hands-on practice sessions with people for each module, and turning in all of the paperwork, has provided me with a sense of security, of having a solid foundation on which to build this practice.  I feel that I have had enough experience doing the sessions that it is starting to integrate smoothly into my being, and I have a feeling of security as I move forward to the next phase of training.
The color work is simple and so powerful.  My clients doing it have all expressed their enjoyment of the process.  I had one client get back to me today saying how powerful it was for her, and asking to set up another session.  
Personally, I have been drawn to color during my journey. This process has blossomed into even more possibilities with color, and I am delighted.
with much gratitude,
Lyn Radosevich
Level 1 Training SyllabusLevel 1 Training SyllabusTraining & Certification for Level I

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