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Translumen Luminary Art Set II

Translumen Luminary Art Set II

Translumen Luminary Art Set II
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As we transition into a new way of living, the vibrations of color and geometry found in the Luminary Art lead the way.  This second set of Art Prints (8-1/2 x 11) show us how to be the new human.  We can be Love, Compassion, and more.  Fill your room with these vibrations as you allow yourself to embody each of these qualities of beingness.

Set I sets the stage for this transition as we learn to leave behind the world of drama.  Set II leads us to living in higher dimensions as the multi-vibrational beings that are learning to live in a new way.

Here are the names of these symbalas as created by Lahrinda Eileen.

Row 1:  Awakened, Crystalline, Wings, Celebration
Row 2:  Presence, Expanding, Mosaic, Unfolding
Row 3:  Crown, Love, Sweetness, Ecstacy

Can you imagine being all of that?  You can be that!  Each of these symbalas takes you forward into the realization of all you can be.

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