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A Conversation with “The One Who Does Not Trust”

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A Conversation with "The One Who Does Not Trust"

A Conversation with "The One Who Does Not Trust"

The following coversation is between me (Arlene the conscious one in this life) and the-one-who-does-not-trust (a child aspect of me).  This came about because I could feel that I was blocking the flow of people signing up for the color therapy courses.  I thought this might help others have an inner conversation with any part that does not trust.

Arlene Arnold

One who does not trust, what are you afraid of?

"Being let down."

That means you are attached to the outcome.  That's not our job.

"What do you mean?"

Our job is to put out a desire based on our life direction.  The Universe organizes what we need.  We receive and carry out whatever needs to be done to support the process.  Our Spirit has the best possible outcome waiting for us, even if it doesn't seem so.  Our Spirit supports us unconditionally.



"How do I know that?"

Look at all we have been through.  Have we not been supported?

"But money has always been a problem."

It is our holding on, holding back, or inability to receive that stops the flow.


Spirit is who we are.  All the other parts show up as part of the human experience.  They are meant to support who we are as Spirit.


(I take the-one-who-does-not-trust up above life to see if from a different point of view.)

Do you see from up here how all is coming together for us in the best possible way?


Worry stops the flow.

"But I'm responsible!"

No, your job is to support our Spirit.


Jump into the arms of Spirit and feel the flow.


How does that feel?

"Fun and Free!"

Good.  Having fun is part of how you support our Spirit.

"It is?"


"This is great.  See you later!"


© Arlene Arnold 2009

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