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We are the New Paradigm

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We Are the New Paradigm!


Human Chaos

As we claim the higher vibrations as our new home, nothing seems the same.  Human chaos reigns around us as old structures fall and many grasp to maintain the power they once had.

A Clean Slate

We are wiping clean the old way of living life.  The beliefs that kept us in a learning mode of the old world are dissolving away.  This became clear to me as I worked with the “Mini ColorCards” this morning.  The Lesson in Brown came up:  “Own your own worth!”  I  recognized the meaning of this statement as part of the old paradigm where “earning your worth” meant working hard, being perfect, living up to standards set by your family, religion, country, etc., as if only then would we count in this world.  I felt how outmoded that way of thinking is.  Worthiness doesn’t exist.  Because I am, I count.  As I turned the Brown card around, it shifted to I am “Nurturing, Safe, & Earth-connected.”  Below that card, I had picked the Strength in White.  Recognizing that the concept of worthiness has been dissolved, catapulted me to the Strength in White:  I am “Pure, Strong, & Unconditionally Loving.”  I am that.  You are that.  Only our perception of “not that” has kept us from remembering who we are.  We are now free to add to our experience of being human without the limitations imposed by old beliefs.

The Paradigm Shift (Experience this shift through Lahrinda Eileen’s symbala art “A New Paradigm”)

As we step into this paradigm shift which is a new way of being human, physical vitality can be stressed as the body tries to keep up.  Human motivation seems to vanish.  Pumping up for action fails.  By turning the old patterns upside down, we can no longer start from the human viewpoint to make things happen.

 “Spheres of Intention” from the Luminaries describes this new world:

 “Being defines doing. 

Intention ignites creativity and organizes resources for action. 

Co-creativity draws in those who synergistically become a group of similar intention. 

This is the way of the ‘new world.’”

You Are Needed

I was reminded of this when I received an e-mail this morning, forwarded by a friend.  It’s titled "You Are Desperately Needed" a message from the Grandmothers, wise ones working with us from the other side.  They remind us that instead of standing by watching the devastation from the oil leak, we can use the “net of light” to bring stability to the earth.  Read more

This reminded me of the meditation visualization I had been given in 2002 called “Crystal in the Heart.”  I was led to understand that doing this meditation would raise our own vibrations and would also assist the earth to hold her crystalline vibration.  (It is available in CD ordownload.)  We can be part of the solution by accessing the vibrations of the New World.

From a Christian Perspective

I sent this message to my brother this morning hoping to help him find his balance in this world of chaos.

“Remember that there are forces that would attempt to dowse your light by having you believe what isn't true.  You are created by Divinity; you are of the same substance.  As you allow God's light to shine through your heart, out through your very cells, and into your energy field, you declare the reign of God.  Light swallows up the darkness.  We stand as the truth that is known in the Light of God.  One way to find and remember that light is to imagine that Jesus stands before you.  See the light in his heart.  He shows you that light so you can see the same light in your heart.  That way you can know and remember you are first and always God's Soul experiencing what it is to live a human life.  Human is what we experience, not who we are.”

Then I found myself repeating this prayer based on one that has been around for a long time.

The Crystalline Light of God surrounds us;

The Christed Love of God enfolds us;

The Emerald Power of God breathes through us;

And all is well!

Let Your Light Shine!

A final reminder from “Illumination,” one of the Luminaries

“Light magnifies light, which magnifies light, which impacts the entire universe so let your light shine!”

For more information about ascension through the crystalline energy:

Mini ColorCardsfor in-your-pocket reality check wherever you are.

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